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  • Ankit Raj • IIT Kanpur • Civil Engineering

    I studied under LBM sir. He transformed me from an average student into someone who went on to crack the most prestigious exam in India. Each topic was discussed very deeply, creating enthusiasm in the topic. LBM sir plays a major role in my life because of his unique teaching style combined with excellent motivational speeches, I cracked JEE and got highest marks in Physics. I advise all my juniors to join Shivaay Academy for a focused preparation.

    Aakash Yadav • IIT Kharagpur • Mechanical Engineering

    I was advised by my seniors to study under LBM sir for 2 years foundation course. I used to be scared of mechanics, he advised me to keep patience and just focus in the class and everything will be fine. It worked wondrously as I mastered the mechanics completely. In those two years, he transformed me from a scared child to a confident one. As I followed my seniors advise which brought me to where I am now, I would also like to advise my juniors to just join Shivaay Academy and follow the teachers.

    Patna  +91 9708444702 / 03 | +91 6209072880 | +91 9523042847