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  • Pre Foundation Offline SPFCP 2024

    Pre Foundation Offline SPFCP 2024



    (Shivaay Pre-Foundation Classroom Program -2024)


    Eligibility :- For Students of class 9th moving  to Class 10th in 2021.


    Program Details :- The goal of the Program is to help you score high in 10th Board and get a good rank in JEE (Main & advanced) or NEET. The program will also prepare you for NTSE and other Engineering / scholastic competitive examinations. We focus on writing skills with concept clarity which helps the students score high in their school exams and Board Exams.


    ›› 3-4 days per week.

    ›› 3 classes each day (Any three of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English and Mental Ability)

    ›› Students may be called for additional classes during holidays and Sundays if required.

    ›› Syllabus will be completed twice by the end of December, 2021.

    ›› On completion of the syllabus – Revision and Full length Tests.

    Study Material

    An exhaustive and complete study material written in a simple manner for easier understanding of concepts.

    It consists of solved problems which help the students to develop analytical thinking and the graded exercises (unsolved problems) which give almost all possible variations of problems.


    Test will be for evaluation of students and their improvement.

    Fortnightly test will be taken for school exams. It will be chapter wise subjective test followed by detailed discussion in the classroom.

    Monthly test will be taken for NTSE/OLYMPIAD/KVPY/Solid Foundation for JEE or NEET. It will be Objective type in nature, followed by detailed discussion in the classroom.

    Student Doubt Removal Classes (SDRC)

    In addition to the classroom teaching, students can discuss their doubts from the same faculty in SDRC.



    Test Series

    In January, students will appear in Test series designed by our subject experts for board exams. It will help them experience the pattern of Board Exams which will definitely help them score high in their Board Exams.


    Solid Monitoring and Feedback System

    The student’s progress will be documented in the form of a progress report card which we will send to the parents every month for them to know the overall performance of their ward.




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